Monserrat Bustamente Laferte, better known as Mon Laferte, began her musical career at a very early age. She studied music at the Conservatory of Viña Del Mar (Chile), and began performing early on at Valparaíso, thanks to her participation in a nationally recognized and acclaimed music program.

 In 2012, Laferte decided to move to Mexico City, and quickly adopted Mexico as her home. Since then, she’s continued writing music, performing, and has been quite successful within the country.

Her melancholic sound, her uniquely heartbreaking voice, and her energetic shows have catapulted her career, making her one of the most poopular artists across digital platforms. Her growing popularity led her to play the 2015 edition of Vive Latino, where hundreds of fans from all over the world overflowed the tent where she was playing and showed no sign of moving until the music stopped.

 Mon Laferte has a special way of making your mind wander, occasionally drawing some tears with her boleros, while simultaneously making you dance to the reggae rhythms threaded throughout her songs. Her music is also laced with a potent rock ‘n’ roll spirit and sonic connections to her Latin American roots.

For more than two decades, Babasonicos was responsible for annoying Argentine Rock, from the most super beast heart! Only a few bands have had the chance that incorrect songs became Redial hits, and full stadiums in Latin America sing true, ofensive and strange songs, as if they were sweet and inofensive pop songs!! With determination, talent and intelligence, the group has grown up and got a great success, from below Argentine Rock in the nineteenths, to places where million of people lie!