Lika Nova

Lika Nova is an alternative rock band from the city of Bogotá, Colombia. With two albums and an EP on their catalog, they have played at important festivals such as: Rock Al Parque, Festival Centro, Día del Rock Colombia, Festival Hermoso Ruido and Jingle Bell Rock, sharing the stage with bands such as: The Neighborhood, LosPetitFellas, Allison, Division Minúscula, Camilo Séptimo and Odisseo, among others.

They were recognized as the "Apuesta Shock" of Shock magazine in 2019, and their songs were played on the main radio networks in Colombia and Mexico, becoming the #1 song in the Radiónica Top 25 in Colombia, where their song "Una Apuesta" had airplay for more than 6 consecutive weeks.

Lika Nova sounds like vulnerable places, the fire between people and the sincerity of their hearts. Danceable nostalgia. They sing to love, broken promises, the burdens of time and everything that fills our soul, insisting on the idea that dancing is the most subversive act against sadness.