Enrique Bunbury started his singing and songwriting career in 1986, as a member of the legendary Spanish rock band Héroes del Silencio. The group was together for ten years, during which they recorded four studio albums that redefined Spanish rock. Héroes created their own signature style by combining national and international influences while touring Europe, Latin America and North America.

On December 11, 2020, just seven months after the release of "Posible", Bunbury published his eleventh studio album, "Curso de Levitación Intensivo", for which, in addition to working with Los Santos Inocentes, he also had experimental jazz musicians. The sound transition from "Possible" to "Curso de Levitación Intensivo" is not radical: the electronics are still key, although, in the atmosphere of the album, there is a greater organic contrast. In addition, as a novelty, we find  an  inclination  towards  Afrobeat  and  jazz  patterns in  the  rhythmic  bases. The  artist  has made  it  clear  that  he  is "leaving a contemporary stage, going to a new place. There are things in "Curso de Levitación Intensivo" that point that way". On the other hand, the literary and poetic discourse is satirical, fierce and elegant. The ten songs that make up this work  spring  from  a  "dysfunctional  zoo"  and  the  composer  could  not  be  more  explicit. 

The  hypnotic  'El Día  de Mañana', the energetic “El Precio que Hay que Pagar”, the beautiful and raw “Malditos Charlatanes” or the atomic 'Tenías razón en todo’ are some of the songs that make up this magnificent album.