Our Services

Criteria Entertainment offers comprehensive creative services in the music industry,  to help take your project to the next level. We have a team of industry professionals with extensive experience in creating successful campaigns across numerous platforms and genres. Our deep knowledge of the Latin market, along with our advertising tools, will help you to boost your marketing efforts and promote your music in order to widen your reach.

We provide a range of music services designed to build an audience, increase visibility, and drive engagement. From crafting and executing promotional strategies to gaining meaningful presence on major digital platforms, we are committed to delivering optimal performance in order to maximize your return on investment. Our experts will work closely with you throughout the campaign process—from strategy planning and budgeting through execution—to ensure that all objectives are met.

Criteria Entertainment is dedicated to helping musicians create powerful campaigns that resonate with their target audiences online. We leverage research-driven insights into social media trends and user behaviors in order to maximize exposure for each campaign. Our team will provide creative direction, analyze the effectiveness of tactics, implement changes accordingly, measure performance metrics, and optimize campaigns based on data-driven insights. Ultimately, our goal is ensure that our clients’ music reaches as many people as possible while driving tangible results that reflect their investment in Criteria Entertainment’s creative services.

  • Professional Consulting
  • Publicity and Media Relations
  • Label & Product Management
  • Tour Marketing & Support
  • Industry Marketing & Outreach
  • Music Licensing & Pitching
  • International Exploitation Efforts
  • Lifestyle Marketing
  • Social Network Development & Management
  • DSP Pitching