Francisca Valenzuela

Sep 16, 2022

Francisca Valenzuela is set to perform "Vida Tan Bonita" as part of the "Grand Performances Series" in Los Angeles on September 24th.

Francisca Valenzuela announces her return to the United States. Having performed alongside Mexican band Camilo Séptimo throughout July and August, the songstress behind "Vida Tan Bonita ", will now be joining Café Tacvba's tour dates, performing live in the following cities:

November 1 - Salt Lake City, UT
November 2 - Denver, CO
November 4 - Phoenix, AZ
November 5 - San Diego, CA
November 6 - Santa Barbara, CA
November 7 - Anaheim, CA

Photo credit: Georgia Fowkes / Elation

In addition, Francisca will be one of the stars to perform at the prestigious Grand Performances Fest, to be held on September 24th in downtown Los Angeles. This is a free event that has been a tradition in the Angeleno community for years.

She will also be performing on November 10 at the David Rubenstein Atrium at the prestigious Lincoln Center in New York City.

The outstanding Chilean singer, songwriter, poet and activist, has been putting on a truly spectacular and highly energetic show to promote her latest album "Vida Tan Bonita" while also showcasing previous career highlights both in the United States, as well as in important venues in Latin America. Among her upcoming performances, it was also announced that she will soon be taking the stage at Chile's Movistar Arena and Mexico City's Lunario.

"Vida Tan Bonita " is Francisca's fifth studio album, following the award-winning "La Fortaleza". Eleven songs written and composed by the artist give life this production, the second under her new label, Sony Music. "Vida Tan Bonita" was produced by multi-Grammy award-winning Argentine producer Sebastián Krys and the also award-winning Colombian producer Ali Stone.

In the new album, the female artist explores personal and social concerns through pop melodies and confessional lyrics. "Dar y Dar", "Hola Impostora", "Como la Flor", "Salú", "Último Baile" and "Castillo de Cristal" were the first singles that preceded "Vida Tan Bonita" and have been showcased live.