Jan 25, 2024

Francisca Valenzuela Tackles Her Past In New Video for “Adentro”

In an effort to connect with audiences through her own story, the internationally acclaimed artist brings a raw and vulnerable yet hopeful new release.

Dressed as a bride and trapped in her own consciousness, this is how we are introduced to Francisca Valenzuela's new video for “Adentro”, a standout track from the album of the same name, which the artist is showcasing on her digital platforms.

Directed by Camila Grandi, this minimalist audiovisual work draws inspiration from the vulnerability of the song, highlighting feelings of vertigo, rage, insecurity, and rawness, but also hope, through Francisca’s heartfelt and intense performance.

According to the artist, the song narrates the contradiction one might feel when knowing it's time to leave a relationship as everything begins to crumble.

"I remember crying in the kitchen, with everything falling apart. I wrote this song literally about this image, and everything felt so confusing and terrifying. It describes that moment when you look inside yourself, finally facing those tough questions you maybe couldn't see before, even though you know the answers will be painful,"

explains Francisca Valenzuela about this track.

Ultimately, it's about connecting with others who can identify with her story. “It’s like standing on a cliff and jumping into the unknown, with a new version of you, new opportunities, and a new era in your life,” concludes the artist.

Praised by critics and enjoyed by countless fans across North and South America, "Adentro," the latest album by Francisca Valenzuela, has brought us successful singles such as “¿Dónde se llora cuando se llora?” nominated for the 2023 Latin Grammy, “Nada para ti (feat. Ximena Sariñana)" and "Extraño". Moreover, she completed a successful tour through North America and Chile in 2023, with over 60 concerts across the regions. This tour, along with her album, has been highlighted as some of the best of the year by international media outlets like Rolling Stone, Variety,, and others.