Mon Laferte

Dec 22, 2022

Mon Laferte - For Your Consideration: Grammy® Award Nominee - "1940 Carmen"

1940 Carmen was written and recorded in Los Angeles from March to July 2021.

It was named after the Airbnb address where she stayed.

All songs were written, composed and produced by Mon, and include her first foray into singing in English.

"While 1940 Carmen is mostly uptempo and optimistic, it nonetheless reflects Laferte's particular gifts as a songwriter capable of juxtaposing conflicting, even contradictory emotions and psychological states as well as imbuing physical landscapes and personal interactions."

AllMusic: 1940 Carmen track-by-track album review

"Mon Laferte is a versatile singer and songwriter" “She's such a musical chameleon in that she adapts the culture and geography of where she is and puts it in her music... Her literally naming it after the space where she was when she was creating it is her nodding to the fact that she is able to grab the essence of wherever she is in that moment and represent that in the music that she is making there."

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"The album overflows with bright, acoustic sounds, inspired by delicate folk songs and sun-lit days in L.A. But the themes of the LP… are achingly personal, reflecting a period in her life that was pivotal, intense and filled with emotion.”

Rolling Stone: 1940 Carmen album review