Francisca Valenzuela

Nov 11, 2021

"Último Baile" the second installment of Francisca Valenzuela's video trilogy

Listen to the song and check out the video in the following links
Watch the video here
Listen to Último Baile here

Creative, renewed and always breaking established patterns, Francisca Valenzuela continues to introduce us to new music. This time, the Chilean singer invites us to listen to a new song titled "Último Baile", the second single part of a trilogy that began with "Castillo de Cristal", the successful single that reached No. 1 on Chilean radio stations and was positioned as one of her explosive launches. Both songs will be part of her new album to be published during 2022.

“Último Baile'' is a song that connects us to celebrate and seize the day and take advantage of every minute as if it were the last. She is playful and funny, she talks about how it is never too late to enjoy and do what one wants. It was composed in a pandemic, but it invites us not to die, but to celebrate and enjoy ” the artist said about the release.

The video for “Último Baile” was directed by Francisca Valenzuela herself as was “Castillo de Cristal”. The song was written by Francisca with Claudia Brandt, with renowned producer Sebastián Krys and producer Ali Stone in production. In the video, we can see the continuation of a trilogy that the voice of “La Fortaleza” is presenting to us, where the messages of the song are intertwined with a careful aesthetic and a colorful dance.

Spotify recently selected Francisca Valenzuela as the EQUAL artist of the month (program of the digital platform that promotes equity of women in music with more than 50 participating countries). In this very important framework, Valenzuela had a great presence in New York, since her photo shone in Times Square, along with other international women artists.

Currently Francisca is in intense rehearsals for the live - reunion with her Chilean audience, in her new concert in Chile: on Sunday, December 5 at the Estéreo Park Cycle (more information in )

Listen to “Ultimo Baile” HERE